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In our interactive film

Why is the future always white?

Whenever we imagine the future, it is always in dystopian grey or utopian white. It's not just in sci-fi movies. Open the newspaper to any property section and you'll see every home is painted uniform white. Go to a tech show and every gadget is sleek silver or white. Since the vibrant 1960's, the paint colour most often bought, has increasingly been white or beige. But who says the future can't be colourful?

The importance of colour.

Imagine the set of any sci-fi film in fuschia pink. It would have quite a different feel to it. Colour can change a space to make it feel warmer, more exciting or more relaxed. It can influence our moods in the same way as a piece of music. Painting your home can transform a room, but it can also transform the way you feel.

Let's make the future colourful.

Dulux want the world to go beyond shades of white and start experimenting with colour. It could be as simple as a vibrantly coloured windowsill, a pastel feature wall or even an upcycled chair. So try out that look you saw on Pinterest. Repaint your home for fun, not just because it's time to sell it. Lets start to make our future more colourful.

Once upon a time in the future...

Our latest film tells the story of a future that has forgotten colour. Everything is sterile, ordered and precise. Huge cities are encased under vast white domes. It's a perfect utopia. But beneath this pristine surface something is lacking, and although there is no hate, no pollution and no crime there is also ultimately, no emotion.

But there are people who still remember how the world used to be. They are the colour rebels, hiding beneath the white cities, storing and collecting objects, art and tins of Dulux paint. They remember the emotion that colour can bring and so they hoard it, waiting for the right moment to bring colour back to the white cities above.

You can also click here to see the making of and learn more about both sides of the story.

Your first step into colour

If, like the citizens of the white world you are ready to embrace colour for the first time, Dulux testers are the perfect place to start. Go in-store to get them and start experimenting with colour.

Knowing the colours that go

Bring the World to your walls with New Travels in Colour. With three ranges of perfectly matched shades, it's never been easier to know the colours that go.

Getting rebellious with colour

If you're ready to experiment with colour we have a range of thousands to choose from, and if you can't find the colour you want we can mix your perfect shade in store. There is also lots of colour inspiration on our website to give you more ideas on how to transform your home and keep your future looking colourful.